The story of BTD

BTD is an experience for self discovery, acceptance and freedom.

Kristina conceptualized the method after her first experience of a shamanic ceremony with Ayahuasca, which was the peak of a series of deep self work and spiritual processes.

She shares: “One evening, a little while before sleep, I reflected upon my day – as a way to enhance my productivity – and I realized that I had developed a new approach towards difficult moments. If during the day I would feel stressed or challenged I was behaving in a very new way, which no one taught me how to. It was profound! I thought “this is the key for my happiness” I noted down what I was observing in my behavioral change for future reference, so I could remember in the future.

Next day morning, while still in bed, I was thinking that I should share with the world, maybe other people would get a similar experience as me. While I was thinking about it, I remember saying in my head “yeah, one day I might” to which I responded “why not today?” Still in my bed I reached to my laptop and wrote an open call post on Facebook, for volunteers to try it out. The intention was to see if this really works for others, or if it’s just something that works for me. No one knew at the time. Not me, nor the 12 volunteers who committed to work with me for 6 weeks, in exchange for their testimonials. We experimented using my notes as structure and as the sessions were going, the method revealed itself. It was not only my notes! Every session started having a character beyond simply tracing results. 

The method was born in the first last session. I knew that the method was not only in my notes, but in the 6 session’s system I created. These people, the volunteers, even though we knew nothing about what would happen, we had nothing to expect, they became the canvas for the BTD method to be witnessed. 

Ultimately grateful they showed me that it’s not for everyone. If you know what you want to work on, if it’s clear for you and had enough excuses, living a life where your demons and inner judgments take too much space, if you are ready to love every moment of your life this method, this 6 week experience is for you.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Truly enjoyed BTD method!

I loved experiencing the BTD Method and I am grateful that I met Kristina through this spiritual journey. Big shifts happened to my life, only by seeing things through a different perspective, that Kristina suggested. What I liked the most is that this method is quite simple, but yet very effective. There was not something that I needed to learn, in order to apply it on myself, by reading dozens of pages, nor is it something that I need to go to the expert (Kristina) every now and then to see results. It is something that happened to me and now I know how it works. And it’s so simple! Thank you Kristina!

Ioanna Serafeimidou

Rating: 5 out of 5.

It was up to me

Kristina’s presence during the meetings is barely noticeable, but that doesn’t mean she’s distracted or disinterested, quite the contrary. I think among her greatest strengths are her great active listening skills and her warm and reassuring voice, which helped me feel good during meditations. This care is reinforced by the constant interest in the sensations I experienced. In fact, the most frequent question she asked me was: “how do you feel now?”. Speaking of questions, Kristina never says “you must”, but rather “what if?”. I was prompted to explore new opportunities, but it was up to me to decide whether to really do it or not. This, in my opinion, contributes to creating that climate of safety, which is a prerogative of the methodologies applied by Kristina.

Luca De Stefanis

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I can always breath through it”

Working with Kristina was a great experience. BTD brought me a lot of transformation/evolution in the emotions I experience in my life on a daily basis, as I learned to see some distressful experiences in a different way. I was feeling underwater and drowning in some painful experiences and Kristina helped me to understand I can breathe inside the water if only I can bring myself to that state of mind. And BTD gave me the tools and skills to do it, and specially, to find my own way to do it, so I would definitely recommend this experience if you want to grow in some aspect of your life, or change something.

Elsa Conde

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