About Kristina

Kristina Vazir

conscious life coach, intuition mentor & creator of the Bridge The Dimensions
(BTD) method.

Kristina loves to witness people reconnect with their inner truth and wisdom, beyond inner judgments, fears or even traumas. Read her story below.

Her story on self development started from a young age as her mother, divorced from her father when she was three years old, was trying to pull her life together by attending trainings, seminars and public speeches on self growth. She would share her learnings with Kristina and she would absorb like dry land, any drop of knowledge her mother was enthusiastic to offer her.

When she received her first training on intuitive subconscious healing and – even though she was doubting at first  – she soon came to realize the valuable results it brought to people. She continued practicing the method, giving sessions, when at the same time she was expanding her knowledge around similar techniques and approaches.

In 2020 she decided to shift her approach from 1 on 1 sessions and meditation gatherings, into experiential trainings, and for that, she moved to The Netherlands, where she lived in a multicultural environment. Because of the pandemic, she switched her focus to connect with nature, while experimenting with delivering trainings online. Her path led her to a shamanic ceremony with Ayahuasca, which reconnected her with her senses and brought deeper understanding of her core, as well as clarity to her mind. As a result of that experience, BTD method was created. A method which connects people to their pure existence and now Kristina is happily sharing it with you, holding the space for you to Bridge The Dimensions and connect with yourself beyond limitations.