We want to bring happiness, value, fun, enjoyment, play, freshness! What a great way to do that by bringing our favorite fun activities to you, for free! Bring a smile to your kid, partner, parent, friend, sibling even your grand parent! By clicking in the link below you will get access to the template and receive a fun 16 stations treasure hunt!

Enjoy your time and include us in your game by posting about it and use the #BTDisfun

The digital products are mainly online forms you can use in order to reflect and harvest the fruits and the blossoms in your life, you may missed. Feeling unfulfilled? You are missing the spark? Does everything seem dull? Maybe you just didn’t notice the great things!

I promise you:
beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Yearly Self Date
Schedule of a date with yourself including questions to answer in a small video. The concept is to repeat every year and keep track of your growth.
Daily Dope
Reflection form for the end of the day in order to boost feeling productive and enhance the dopamine in your brain. (Ideal for ADD or ADHD people)


For now we are researching the production of these products.

Self Enhancing Cards
3 decks of cards, each with 21 cards. 2 of the decks include special messages, while 1 of the decks has only drawings
Great reflection tool
Interactive notebook
Information soon available


Coming soon.