BTD method

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BTD coaching

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BTD method

If you know what you want to upgrade in your life and you want to do it in a fun, easy, sustainable and one on one way, then BTD is for you!
It can also work for you, if you experience worry to a level where you decide you had enough, if you want to grow in your personal or professional life and at the same time you feel stuck, if you experience the same patterns again and again, if you have tried other methods to overcome obstacles, which they continue to exist or reappear after a while.

“I – Kristina – wanted to work on Self Development in a fun way. BTD is very much that, we turn what used to be heavy and difficult, into a celebration of self discovery”

It’s fun, it’s sustainable, it’s enjoyous! An experience that leads to effortless change through shadow work, self acceptance, radical honesty and self empathy. The method, even though it was created intuitively, is very much influenced by Kristina’s background and includes breathwork & life coaching tools, among others.


Who can apply?

  • Women, men, or non-binary people, who experience identity crisis and are ready for a great shift. BTD is more effective for people between 24-30 years of age (quarter life crisis). It is necessary to speak good English or Greek and be able to have stable internet connection, as well as privacy, during the sessions.
  • You cannot apply if you are diagnosed with severe mental illnesses and / or if you have drug or alcohol addiction.

Why are the sessions 20-40 minutes in duration?

  • BTD sessions are all about bringing value to your experience. When we know the time is shorter than usual, we skip the small talk and cut to the chase. The method is created in such a way that supports you to bring value and witness the results outside the session. The intention is to focus on what’s meaningful, not on stories.We have many things to say, but the most important than saying is doing. 

What do I have to do during the 6 weeks period?

  • Open up and be present. That’s it. There is no homework, no notetaking, no tasks. All you need to do is take care that when we have our session, you have all the privacy and freedom to surrender to the process and be fully present. (and stable internet connection) In between the sessions, be ready to follow any inspiration that may support yourself to dive deeper into the experience.

Where does it happen and when?

  • For now it’s exclusively online, via zoom platform. The sessions are arranged according to our schedule, in a common convenient time.

What results should I expect?

  • Honestly, this is up to you and the intention you will set on the first session. BTD provides the structure for you to be liberated, to live life beyond limitations. What do you consider as limitations? That is the result you should expect. To overcome that.
  • Practically you will be able to reconnect with yourself. 
  • You will experience being more connected with your emotions
  • Feel more confident to speak up
  • You will feel it is easier to find words to describe how you feel or what you think 
  • You will develop your emotional awareness
  • Be more determined and confident to prioritise what you value the most 
  • You will catch yourself appreciating the small moments more often and with greater ease 
  • You will be more conscious in pausing and recharging, aka self care
  • You will be more optimistic
  • Have the memory of this experience, as a possible milestone for the rest of your life

How long does it take and how much does it cost?

  • The BTD 6 sessions method, lasts 6 weeks (1 session per week). The value of the method is 600€.

BTD coaching

BTD coaching is a new approach of life coaching for people whose lifestyles have changed and need support in keeping up. It is offered for employees, parents and people who suddenly spend a lot of time in the same room or house or building and the “Dimensions” got blurry. With BTD coaching we focus on mental health as well as productivity. The challenge of being constantly in the same place, switching between roles, without switching space, is very challenging.

How can BTD coaching benefit you?

  • Be more productive
  • Have greater sense of accomplishment
  • Feel empowered
  • Connect deeper with your loved ones
  • Enhance prioritizing skills
  • Better memory
  • Self care
  • Develop time management skills
  • Be happier
  • Be at peace with yourself
  • Better sleep
  • Develop conflict resolution skills
  • Enhance the feeling of safety
  • Unload mental chatter
  • Redefine what’s meaningful
  • Reconnect with your purpose
  • Prepare for BTD method or follow up after experiencing BTD method

Sessions are provided exclusively online.

Each session values 120€ and the duration is 45’.

If you are interested in providing coaching sessions to your employees, stuff members or students, contact us via email:


Our courses at the moment are exclusively held online, via Zoom platform.

Dates and further information to be announced.

6 weeks program, 40minutes weekly meetings, inspired by the minimalist movement, we practice simplifying our lives, and making space for what’s truly important.

Self Care Challenge 
21 days challenge, 20minutes daily meetings, daily self care tasks that support you to figure out what’s the best recipe to care for yourself.

Inner Guidance
8 weeks program, 60minutes weekly meeting, weekly tasks that support you to reconnect with your intuition, gain clarity and align with your inner guidance.

Info to be announced

Life Architecture
Info to be announced.

If you want to show interest and be informed when our courses will be available click here